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Vulnerability Assessment / VACCP

As consumers we are demanding more variety, more novel, exotic, perceived health benefit foods and we want them all year round. This means that we have to source our foods globally. There is an ever increasing threat associated with this type of sourcing. There are a number of considerations:-

  • What is the food safety standards in the country of concern?

  • What is the level of understanding of what constiutes safe food?

  • What is the level of corruption and povery in the country the product is being sourced?

  • How easy is it to identify unsafe food?

  • How long and convoluted is the supply chain and do we know who has handled and processed our food and ingredients.​

These are only a few of the many often unanswered questions that we have. There are commonly identified threats but how many go un-noticed and undetected.

In order to protect the consumer and the food industry we need to be prepared with a robust #fooddefence sysem and raw material #vulnerabilityassessment ( #VACCP )

Outsource Solution specialise in threat analysis, food defense and vulnerability assessments and provide advice and solutions to keep your food safe.

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