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Herd Immunity - COVID19

The people who are referring to herd immunity without any other mitigation other than self isolation after an individual has potentially been a carrier for 14 days should not be in the jobs they are doing.

The key factor is to slow the spread of this virus for several clear and obvious reasons

1 Less people will be affected at the same time, therefore having a reduced impact on society.

2 Better preparation for the treatment of those vulnerable - the elderly and those with underlying health issues both young and old

3 Reduce the strain on the health service and having a better chance of having hospital beds for those requiring

4 Sufficient delay will save many individuals once a vaccine has been developed

5 Minimise the death rate

I think we would all agree that long term, the population will have to develop an immunity either through exposure or through immunisation. Britain appear to be one of the only countries that are taking the fewest control measures.

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