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Microbiological and Technical Support

Safety  - Legality  - Quality​


Knowledge transfer is the most critical element to the service we provide. A robust Food Safety Management System can only be operated and maintained by the business itself - Outsource Solution takes you through this process.

Outsource Solution assists in areas of food poisoning, food borne disease, shelf life and spoilage issues.

Outsource Solution is experienced in establishing the relevant data and detailed information to assess and pinpoint and rectify the problem. Indepth laboratory testing experience allows us to identify and interpret results right down to the laboratory competency.

Outsource Solution provides technical support services in the following categories:

  • BRC Food Implementation

  • BRC Packaging Implementation

  • BRC Agents and Brokers Implementation

  • BRC Storage and Distribution Implementation

  • Vulnerability Assessment VACCP / TACCP

  • Food Pathogens

  • Food Spoilage Shelf Life improvement

  • Supplier Audits

  • Rejection investigations

  • Process control

  • HACCP Validation and Verification

  • UKAS / BRC approval

  • Microbiology training

  • Technical Management Support

  • Laboratory audits & quality control

  • Laboratory results review

  • Factory design and layout

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