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Level 4 HACCP

What is HACCP?

Cases of food poisoning are on the rise, and recent media coverage of the failures of hygiene in food establishments reinforce the importance of a systematic approach to eliminating food safety hazards. One way to tackle this problem is to introduce a food safety management system based on HACCP principles. HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) assesses each step in food manufacture for potential food safety hazards, and then introduces practices and procedures to eliminate or reduce the risk of these hazards occurring. HACCP can be applied in businesses of all sizes and, as of 1st January 2006, it became mandatory in all UK food handling operations. 

Benefits of attending

The qualification is primarily aimed at supervisors/technical managers working within the food manufacturing industry. The aim of this qualification is to develop an understanding of HACCP-based food safety management. This qualification will equip, with the appropriate knowledge and understanding, to be an integral part of a HACCP team and to supervise the implementation of a HACCP-based system in the work environment. The certification ensures training in accordance with the national occupational standards.


Course outcomes 

Staff will be able to take an active role in a HACCP team. It will provide them with the necessary skills to write and edit HACCP plans. It will also allow them implement good control and monitoring systems in the work place and to develop effective validation for these. Finally they will be able to review and verify HACCP plans in order to demonstrate their effectiveness. Level 4 HACCP will allow an individual to demonstrate Team Leader qualifications for HACCP as well as effectively write, co ordinate and implement HACCP plans.

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