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HACCP Level 2

Within food businesses, the HACCP analysis system is developed by owners and managers to ensure that food is safe to eat and that hygiene procedures are maintained. The responsibility for the implementation of the HACCP system however, lies with all of the employees.

This course is aimed at anyone working in a food/drink business who may be tasked with activities identified with HACCP food safety (such as recording temperatures or data collection) or who may need to implement a HACCP plan. In order for HACCP to succeed, it’s important that frontline staff understand how these activities help identify hazards and corrective actions.

Upon completion of this course, not only will learners understand what HACCP is and why they should implement it, but also the importance of their role to the success or failure of this food safety system, and how to carry out their daily activities correctly.

Course Content

Online course

Certified by the Royal Society of Public Health

Covers 7 principles and 12 logical steps

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