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BRC Advisory Services, Auditing and Training

BRC Food (& Drink) 

BRC Storage and Distribution

BRC Packaging

BRC Agents & Brokers

BRC Advisory Services

Outsource Solution provide the necessary technical solution for the development and implementation of a site and it's Quality Management Systems to fulfill the requirements of the BRC standards. 

Factory Design and Layout

Process Control

HACCP design

Writing and implementation of BRC Quality Management Systems

We have been delivering these services 100% successfully to achieve BRC certification since 2004.

BRC Certificated Audits
2nd Party Due Diligence Audits
1st Party Internal Audits

The BRC Global Standard Food Issue 8 has been audited against since February 2019. The standard is updated approximately every 3 years. All BRC approval audits are carried out against this standard until the version is updated.

Standard inclusions are:

  • An added requirement for traceability through the food chain. This has been introduced primarily due to the horsemeat identified in the food chain

  • The adoption of requirements for Agents and Brokers

  • Additional requirements for packaging control

  • The addition of two new fundamental clauses - Management of Suppliers of Raw Materials &  Packaging and Labelling & Pack Control


There are a number of fundamental sections. Critical or major non-conformity raised against the banner statement of a fundamental section results in non-certification, suspension or withdrawal of certification.

Fundamental sections:

  • Senior Managment Commitment and continual improvement


  • Internal Audit

  • Management of Suppliers of Raw  Materials and Packaging

  • Corrective Action

  • Traceability

  • Layout, Product Flow and Segregation

  • Housekeeping and Hygiene

  • Handling Requirements for Specific Materials

  • Control of Operations

  • Labelling and Pack Control

  • Training


Outsource Solution are BRC certification auditors  and approved BRC training providers. We have detailed technical knowledge of the standard, the audit process and achieving compliance.

Outsource Solution provide facilitation and advisory services for the introduction of Quality Management Systems which will comply with any BRC approval audit. These are based on knowledge transfer so your operation becomes a competent and compliant site.

Specialist training areas are the self monitoring activities such as HACCP, Internal Auditing and Verification.

Our aim is that our implementation is rapid and technically robust.

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