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BRC Audit Ready Inspection

A BRC Audit Ready Inspection is key to an improved BRC audit outcome

Post inspection your business will

  • Have a greater likelihood of achieving the grade that you and your customers expect of you

  • Reduce the risk of business loss due to poor audit performance

  • Ensure your business is ready for all unannounced audits

  • Reduce the work load in responding to non conformance reports

  • Increase your business efficiency

Auditors in  food factory preparing for BRC audit

The background and developments in BRC auditing

  • More audits are unannounced

  • The standard changes every 3 years

  • The requirements become more difficult to achieve

  • Auditors are taught how to audit clauses that are not always evident in the BRC standard

  • There are more shadow audits by accreditation bodies eg UKAS, BRC and the certification bodies

  • Technical reviews of every audit increases the pressure to raise non conformances due to the review process

  • An AA grade is 5 or less non conformances an A is 10 or less. The statistics show that the number of audits awarding 6 and 11 non conformances reduces dramatically and statistically that should not happen. As these statistics continue, BRC will assume that the audit outcomes are being manipulated and will endeavour to address this.

  • BRC openly admit they believe there are not enough major non conformances raised. A major non conformance places a business, at best, on a B grade.

Business Pressures

  • More businesses are demanding a performance criteria for BRC audits, often a minimum of an A grade

  • Company expectations for the highest BRC grading is increasing due to commercial competition and a level of investment and commitment 

  • Customer / retailers are driving, at times, unrealistic demands - unannounced audits along with higher performance expectations.

BRC Audit Ready Delivery

  • The audit inspection is conducted directly for you and completely confidential. The inspection audits have one aim of supporting your business.

  • The audit is robust and conducted like a BRC audit by a BRC qualified and approved auditor, Duncan Perry. 

  • In addition to the audit findings, there will be best practice advice on a "must do, should do and could do" basis with the interests of the business. This will also have consideration to business impact and commercial viability. 

  • There will be the sharing of resources, sources of information and knowledge , suggestions and recommendations for compliance and improvement. To add value and reduce cost, where possible, will always be a priority.

  • Provide additional support during a crisis, difficult technical decision, or difficult 3rd party audit.

Your BRC auditor  -  Duncan Perry

  • University of Edinburgh - (hons) Biological sciences with microbiological honours

  • Worked in operations and technical in the food industry since 1989

  • Covers the sectors of meat, fish, high risk, high care, alcoholic drinks, bakery, produce, dairy, ingredients, primary processing.

  • Is passionate about assisting food and drink businesses with compliance to assist with the increasing demands. 

  • Understands the challenges and complexities of running a profitable food business in the current commercial climate, global trade and other political pressures

       Please email or call for a confidential chat to arrange the audit inspection

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