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Established in 2004, Outsource Solution is a Scottish based Food Safety Consultant company providing:


  • Food Safety Consulting

  • Microbiological and Technical Support

  • Quality Management System Development

  • BRCGS Auditing and Training

  • SALSA Auditing and Training

  • Food Safety Training

  • Factory design and layout

  • Non-executive service 


Our Quality Management System development is based on fulfilling the BRC Food Standard: 

 Food, Packaging, Storage and Distribution, Agents and Brokers and ISO22000.

 We provide facilitation and mentoring services for BRCGS, SALSA and HACCP implementation.

We provide certificated audits and Technical Support for the following standards: 




Red Tractor

Quality Meat Scotland

Scottish Quality Wild Venison  

We offer the following training courses:

Certificated RSPH Hygiene Levels 2,3,4

Certificated RSPH HACCP Levels 2,3,4 

HACCP Refresher

Internal Auditing

BRCGS Implementation

Food Microbiology

Listeria Control and Eradication

Root Cause Analysis

TACCP/VACCP Vulnerability Assessment

BRCGS Approved Issue 9 Training - November 2022

Labelling Legislation

Supplier Approval

IOSH Health and Safety

All services can be carried out online or onsite throughout the UK and internationally


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